What is Committee?​​​​

Each local area has a committee of adults who believes in the mission of Young Life: to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and to help them grow in their faith. You'll find adults from all different backgrounds, careers and churches, including lots of moms and dads who care about kids.

The committee, comprised of parents, Young Life alumni and civic leaders, provides a foundation of financial, administrative and moral support for the local Young Life team.

Ask your area staff person for a local list, and feel free to call these folks with your questions at any time.



An Essential Foundation

The Committee (or "Advisory Board," as we call it locally) is the foundation for Young Life in a local area. Oftentimes, new Young Life clubs start because of the interest and awareness created by the Advisory Board. Our Advisory Board is made up of a diverse group of adults from all the communities we serve and a variety of church backgrounds, some with kids currently involved in Young Life, some without.  We are united behind the common purpose of bringing caring adults alongside teenagers and sharing God's expansive love for each of them.

The White Bear - Mahtomedi Area Advisory Board

Our local version of the Young Life "committee" we call our Advisory Board. Advisory Board members meet together monthly to celebrate the work that's been done, plan for the future, support and encourage the staff, and pray for kids, the community, and the ministry.  We call our Advisory Board a "working board," where members also take on projects related to sustaining and advancing the ministry. 

Advisory Board Members

Our current roster is as follows:
Alex Atkinson
Joanie Grundahl 
Ron Klick
Doug Schubert
Deb Skoog
Paul Atkinson
Denise Atkinson
Dick Krocak


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